Story of an Immigrant: Hideo Tomoyasu
Storytelling through typography
Team –
Individual Project
Tools –
Adobe CC
Timeline –
3 weeks
Project Overview
This experimental typography poster explores the story of Hideo Tomoyasu, an immigrant from Japan who came to Hawaii in the 1930s. The final deliverable was a 3ft by 6ft typographic installation. The installation was exhibited with 16 other typographic posters that unfolded stories of immigrants. Main challenges of the project came from creating a coherent guideline for all 17 students to follow but at the same time leaving a room for expression and exploration.
Learning to plan and curate for exhibition
Working with the students in the entire communication studio (17 students including me) it was important to come up with a cohesive yet flexible visual system. As a class we decided to first come up with a set of rule for grid system with set of margin, gutter, and columns. Then, couple of us volunteered to refine the grid system with adding more restrictions with typeface, location of the body text, and the length of the body text.