Senior Show Branding 2019
Role –
Print team lead,
Photography team
Team –
Katie Chen, Stephanie Chen, Jackie Chou, Janet Lee, Mason Shor, Maddy Cha, Chloe Kim, Zoe Lehn, Helen Reynolds, Sherry Wu
Tools –
Adobe CC
Timeline –
10 weeks
Project Overview
Creating a branding for an exhibit showcasing three and half years of work by Class of 2020 design seniors
During the fall semester of 2019 the senior class came together to plan, curate, and brand for the senior show in upcoming December. As print team lead and photography team member of the branding team, I worked to establish the visual system of the posters, brochures, and photography assets. The final deliverable produced by the print team spanned across all three floors of the exhibition space with wall graphics filling the first floor reception area. Special thanks to Jackie Chou for photographing and documenting the senior exhibition.
Flexible design system that represents the senior class as a whole
We set the tone of the branding to be fun and playful as our class wanted the show experience to be welcoming and easily accessible to the general public as well as the design community. However, we struggled to come up with a holistic theme that would accurately represent 36 of us in the class. After careful consideration, we decided on a title “Final_FINAL__v36” to highlight the integral concept of the show, which is the iterative nature of the design process.
Series of 38 x 64 in posters
The posters were installed along the corridors outside of the design office a week prior to the exhibition. The bold contrasting colors of the character poster (left) was juxtaposed with the large negative space on the title poster (right) to captivate passing audiences. We decided to print two versions of the posters in eggplant and sky to add a fun visual variation.
Concept Explorations – 
The brochure contains information about the purpose of the show, list of works, floor plan, and senior portraits. They were placed on the first floor of the gallery space for visitors to take before they enter the exhibition space. To play off of the show title, we asked the senior class for the worst files names to include in the brochure.
Concept Explorations – 
Image Frames
Promoting through social media
Photo frames on Facebook was used to promote the senior show a week prior to the reception.
Being part of the branding team helped me to understand the importance of working with a systems thinking in a large team setting. In addition, leading the print team helped me to hone verbal communication skills and time management skills.