Hello, I’m Sharon (a.k.a Da Young).
I am studying communication design at Carnegie Mellon University. I am currently working as a research assistant at CMU HCII.


Hello my name is Sharon, a senior studying communication design and HCI at Carnegie Mellon University.

This summer I interned as a product designer at Carnegie Learning. Previously I was an UX designer on Project Lynnette at Learn Lab, part of CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute.


Product design

Carnegie Learning Internship

This summer, I joined Carnegie Learning as a product design intern where I had a chance to work on four projects ranging from website redesign to rethinking strategy and flow of a new product platform.

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Product design, motion graphics

abbi: Voice Assistant for Airbnb

Our team created a conceptual version of Airbnb’s conversational user interface (CUI) designed to help users navigate through the check-in and check-out process.

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UI/UX, user research

Redesigning Lynnette, an Intelligent Tutor System

For summer 2018, I joined professor Vincent Aleven's research project called Lynnette as a product designer. I was tasked to rethink the initial interaction from homepage to problems page and methods of displaying data to students.

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Data visualization

AIGA Design Census 2017

Based on AIGA's annual census data, our group explored a new way to visualize data to create a compelling and relevant story to people curious about the design industry.

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Expressive Storytelling

Working with constraints in color, size, and type, the students in communication design studio created sets of expressive typography posters exploring the voice of immigrants to exhibit at an end of the semester design show.

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